Mango Minster 2012

Mango Minster 2012
The third place certificate from the bad sports categry of Mango minster 2012. Ushi's head is imposed on to the Mango minster logo. It says third place

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Friday, 20 April 2012

Final Post Here

It looks like i've been switched to the new Blogger interface.  I mentioned
<a href="">In an earlier entry</a>
About this and how inaccessible it looked.  You'll also find in that post a link to the post i wrote on wordpress.

Anyway over the past few days alot of people on twitter said that they had been switched, but then they said that they could still switch back.  When i looked last night i had the old interface which was good.  But now I have the new one.

When you go into your blog it looks okay until you go to your dashboard or create a new post, then it's just horrible.  So i'm writing this through email.  I hope i can eddit it if i want to add tags.  I think we can still read posts, but i don't know if that will be the same for long.

So i guess until they decide to get this horrible thing fixed, i'm going over to wordpress.  All my posts are over there already as i don't want to lose any of it.  I have alot of information here so don't want to lose.  Plus i like to look back at things and think that i couldn't be bothered blogging at all if i couldn't continue from where i left off.  So you will see the same stuff for a while.  I only moved to blogger a few years ago because nobody was on live journal and thought blogger was pritty good.  Obviously not!

So for those of you looking to follow the rest of my journey, my new address is
<a href="">Here</a>

I'll start deleting old posts if i can, and only leave this one here.  I really do hope that they do get this fixed.

So i'll hopefully see you at my new blog!  Oh and you'll probably see this post on my new blog too.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cracked The Trains...Sort Of

last year
I met up with
Jeniffer And OJ
Well I mentioned that on the way back we had a little bit of an incident where poor little Ushi nearly fell down between the train and the platform? Well i've been doing some work when me and my dad and sis have gone up to Belfast. (I know that sounds dramatic but that was what happened).

Anyway we started going up to Belfast a couple of months ago and I decided to meet up with a friend while we were there. The first time we tackled the trains again with Ushi she rushed a little getting on and off. Once she was on she lay down straight away. So i would have given her a treat each time she lay down and loads of praise both on and off. I wanted her to know that although she had a nasty experience, trains weren't big scarey evil things.

It seemed to work, with her tail wagging as the train pulled in and rushing less and less. I thought we had cracked it and was going to post today after a couple of good days so as not to jinx it, but unfortunately it didn't go the way i had planned.

This morning we had one of the more newer trains. (I think because of the ollympics, there are more moddern versions of the new trains that have been in place for the last couple of years). The only difference between these trains is the announcements are done in a different voice and they are slightly faster. (I think the very old trains which we came across last year are done away with now).

I decided not to give Ushi any treats today and just praise her again for calmly getting on and off. She was grand. The ramp to help wheelchair users on and off was put on when we got to Belfast. I decided to use this since it was still up. I have an awful awful habbit of taking a huge step both getting on and off the train which no doubt affects Ushi. I tend to overcompensate with it. Anyway i used the ramp and for some reason didn't know if it would go all the way to the platform. It did and i didn't have to worry about anything! Ushi got down off it grand too. So that was totally awesome.

So we had a good day and when we were coming back, again it was the newist trains. There was about a two or three centimetre gap more than usual for the new trains. It was enough to panick Ushi a little and her tail was down and she made no advancement towards the step. It wouldn't have been enough for her to fall down but it still made her a little wary. So my dad lifted her on and my sister held the lead until i got on. So we praised quite a bit once she lay down which she did immediatly. The conductor then came up to me and asked if i needed any assistance. I thanked him and said i was grand because my dad was there. We explained about getting on and asked if there was a slightly bigger gap. He said that these trains were slightly different and the platforms had been modified for the trains a couple of years ago. He said though that the best thing i could do was to get her confidence up by using them, and that he understands that the dogs are trained but getting her confidence back up would be the best. I was so glad he understood! We were grand getting off again.

I normally wouldn't have used the ramp at all, feeling that i didn't need it. I might have to rethink that one! I think that i should be entitled to use it if i need to.

For now though i am going to only use it if the gap is a bit wide. When i do the trains on my own, i would probably use the ramp for my own security but not sure yet.

So we kind of took a little step back, but most of our trips in the last couple of months have been positive getting on and off so i think that is good.

So let's hope that she is confident the next time. I must try not to overcompensate stepping on and off though! I would appreciate any hints for that.

I'm sure we'll get there though and it'll just take time.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Ushi's Latest Vet Visit

Yesterday Ushi had her latest 6 monthly vet visit.

Ushi is grand as usual. It was yet another vet that saw her. That kind of annoys me as i never know who i am going to see. There are a couple of vets who are very thorough but one is quite ignorant and hardly says what he is doing to Ushi. The woman yesterday was nice and talked to Ushi and i could get a rough idea of what she was doing. Unfortunately this vets is the main practice in Ballymena plus she is registerd with them.

Ushi has thankfully only put on 100 grams since she was last weighed in January. She gets wormed and frontlined once every three months and i like to get her weighed when she is getting that. Normally she has gone up a kilo or two when i have weighed her. She is 35.6 kilos now.

I'm still keeping her on 100 grams in the morning and 150 in the evening. I was thinking of putting her up to 150 grams again in the morning but she sometimes doesn't eat all of her 100 grams so i don't know.

When i got home, or rather on the way home she was very very sluggish. I gave her a treat when we got home for being such a good girl at the vets, but she wouldn't take it. She then started wretching but nothing happened. She just seemed a bit "off" after she had her injection. She was grand within about half an hour.

I was talking to the branch organiser about something totally different last night and i mentioned about Ushi's health check. The branch organiser said that Ushi shouldn't have got her injection, worming and frontline all in the one day. I was told last year she could have it all on the same day. Apparently if Ushi gets her worming and injection and her frontline all at the same time, it could cause her an upset tummy. It wouldn't be serious, but could still affect them. (The branch organiser used to be a vet receptionist for 10 years). She should get her worming and frontline 5 days from her injection.

I didn't know this at all. I guess different vets are told different things?

So i haven't put Ushi's frontline on yet but did give her her worming tablet.

I mentioned to the vet that her due claws were a bit too long and were catching but they mustn't have needed cut because she didn't cut them.

So i just wanted to post really to ask what the craic is with the worming etc. I hope in three months time when she gets more wormer that her weight is the same or lower. I was so happy when she only put on 100 grams!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bloggers Big Problem

Back in November, Blogger announced that it was making some changes to its interface. It was horribly inaccessible when people looked, so I started to consider my options. I decided that
Might be my only option, but alot of people don't like it. So with the help of VcCarin, who showed me some of the things, I wrote
This post
Which explains how to get started on wordpress.

Since i hadn't heard of anything, i thought that maybe they wouldn't move after all, but noticed a few days ago that it said "Blogger is getting a new look in April. Upgrade now". I started thinking very seriously then. I had a look on Bloggers official blog, and
Here is the post
Explaining how fantastic this new interface will be.

I decided to try out the new interface and found it okay to start with. That was until i went to create a post. Only one of the form fields was labeled. When you went to press Enter to take a new line. It took me out of the box. So i think they still have a long way to go yet.

Away at the bottom of the page there is a form that says "send feedback". It is not a link but you can enter on it. I was going to send them feedback today but however it decided to crash firefox. So i tweeted @Blogger instead.

I really hope that blogger listen to concerns from its customers. I've heard of two or three people who may not continue blogging because of it which is a real shame. I even considdered this myself, but feel that alot of my life is on this blog and i would like it to look back on. I know i don't really blog as much as i used to but i still do like to blog important things. I hope that i still want to blog when i get wordpress. I have imported all my entries to wordpress so at least they are there.

There are other sites such as
And something called
For blogging, or else you could always blog by email or use the mobile site but i don't know if that is changing too.

So i may not keep blogging here at blogger, but my blog will be at wordpress. I just have too much stuff to lose on my blog that maybe someone might find useful. I'll post my new address once i am sure that i am moving.

I hope the people who might not blog might be able to again.

I'll let you know what happens. Hopefully blogger will listen to our concerns!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

First Angel Eyes Committee Meeting

Remember back in February I wrote about being asked to
Sit on the Angel Eyes committee
I wasn't too sure but after finding out about it i decided that i would and it was only until January next year and it would only be about three times a year that i would have to attend meetings. If i didn't want to do it next year that would be grand.

Last night i wasn't really looking forward to the meeting when i found out it was today, but thought i'd go anyway. I wasn't sure what i would get out of it though.

So today the chair person picked me up at about 1 o'clock. We put Ushi in the boot since she has quite a big boot and she asked where i wanted Ushi so i didn't mind Plus her airbag can't be turned off so it was grand having her in the boot.

We were that busy gabbing on the way down that we nearly missed where we were going. After finding a roundabout we got there eventually.

We waited for a while until the building was unlocked by one of the other parents. The Angel eyes office is behind a river so ushi was having quite a whine to get in, so i'm thinking her taste of the water the other day has made her like it quite alot lol. While we were waiting, one of the parents braught their little girl over. She was fascinated about Ushi. She was only about 2 or 3. She even told me at one point about the "neenaws" lol when an ambulance went by. All i got was a tap on my shoulder as she told me lol.

When we went in, we first of all got some tea and coffee, before the chair person read out the minutes of the last meeting. We then talked about the first event that is being planned for this year which is "a night at the races". I thinkk the way this works is you watch horse racing on TV and bet or something without having to go to the races. I don't really understand how it works really. Anyway it is at the Hilton hotel in Belfast. Tickets are £15 but that includes a buffet. There is also a raffle with tickets for that being £1 and there is an auction too. It is on the 28th of April at 8 o'clock i think. The chair person asked if i would like to go but that isn't really my thing to be honest.

Next they talked about a group they are starting at the start of May for mothers and toddlers who have a visual impairment. I think this would be great as it would mean parents were getting support from an early age with their issues.

Finally we talked about something that Guide dogs are planning along with Angel Eyes. They are planning to have a "life skills" day some time in May to let kids and parents have a look at the new technology there is out therefor cooking and to let them try it out for themselves. Obviously they would be supervised. There would possibly be some information sessions for parents too. That day is a bit up in the air still but i think it is a great idea. Because it will be held in our local social services building the parents could ask their socialworker afterwards if they would like services from them or something. Just my thoughts anyway. All the parents thought it was good but one seemed to be a bit skepticle.

We basically finished after that. I thought it was a good meeting and will do it for this year. At least i've tried it so i could say that. I probably wouldn't have known what it would be like if i never tried it.

Ushi was a wee star as always. She just went to sleep as usual after looking out the window for a while.

I hope i added something valuable to the meeting.

Everyone was impressed at how good Ushi was. She has always been good but i love hearing it anyway when she lies down when she is meant to.

I'll let you know about the other meetings when they happen. I am so glad i took up the opportunity to do it!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


This evening we were going to free run Ushi since it was so warm. We decided it would probably be too hot to run her so we went for a walk instead.

I decided not to bring her harness as i thought that it would be too warm again for that. I just had her on lead but i had my halty in my pocket just in case. I didn't want to use it unless i really really had to.

We went into town first, then went for a walk to a place called the "ecos" centre. The actual centre is just about energy efficient stuff but there are some lovely walks around there.

After a water stop we decided to keep walking on this walk. My sister suggested lengthening Ushi's lead as if we were going to spend her but keep walking. There was nobody else around and if we saw someone coming i would have shortened her up again. She was having a whale of a time just sniffing when my sister stopped to take photos.

My sister went down near some water to take some better pictures and because Ushi couldn't see where she had gone to she whined quite a bit before sliding under the gard rail that was put up so she could see more. Thankfully it was grass for a bit so she was okay. We then splashed some of her water over her back to cool her down but she didn't like this much.

We finally decided to go onto a gravelly beach for more pictures but Ushi wanted to get closer to a very still clear clean river. I let my sister walk her onto the beach and she was grand.

I first of all let Ushi walk around on it for a bit on her long lead, but dad said that if i wanted i could let her off because he would be watching her. Well after a lot of encouragement, she went in, then came out quite a bit. She eventually went in until she was up to her belly. She never once swam, but more waded into the water.

This is huge progress for her. She wouldn't touch it with a barge pole before! But today her tail was wagging and she kept going in for more. It could have been that she was cooling off but i think she enjoyed herself.

So maybe this could be a place we take her to free run! All i need now is some toys that would float if they were thrown. All her toys at the minute are too heavy or are cuddley. So any recommendations would be good apart from balls.

I'm so pleased she got the courage to go into the water as that was just what she needed! Well done Ushi!

People Skills Don't Cost

Today i had my eye appointment. I hadn't had one in a couple years.

It was my regular eye doctor today. I think he is the head consultant.

When we were called in, he was actually quite pleasant. My experience of him is quite blunt. He got me to sit down while he looked at my eyes. He then went out of the room to get something to check the pressure. I thought i heard him saying to someone in the waiting room "close your eyes" but don't know if i did. I thought "god is he examining another patient?". But i don't know if he was.

Normally if i am getting my pressure in my eyes checked, i get drops in to dilate my pupils. Today he just used a machine that beeped but didn't seem to touch my eye. I thought this was good as i hate getting drops in!

He then said "i have a medical student with me. Would you mind if she had a look?". I said that was fine so he turned off the light, handed her something and goes "look at the (sounded like red reflections)". She spent quite a long time looking and finally said "they are absent". I think it was to see if my eyes reacted to light or not! I found this quite shocking because i thought he would have given a history to the student. She sounded totally shocked! Dad said later that she was just sitting reading a text book in the corner while he worked. I thought this was very ignorant.

About a month ago my left eye was very red and bloodshot looking. I wasn't in any pain just itchy every now and then. I was going to call into our local optitions but the redness went away! So i thought nothing more of it, but the doctor noticed it today and said that sometimes bleeding can occur. He said my right eye was healthy but my left was rather bloodshot. So i don't really know what this means but he is going to write to my GP to recommend drops if it gets red again. He then said "we'll see you in two years unless the drops don't work". He didn't even say that the drops would go to my GP but we figured that would be what would happen since he just gave us the appointment card!

He is a great doctor but has no people skills at all.

So i think if my eye does go red again i will go to our optition first. I'm not counting on him sending drops up to our GP! So i'm hoping it isn't too serious. I have no vision at all so don't think it is that bad.

Let's hope i don't have to bother with my doctor until my next appointment!